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canterbury skies July 12, 2014

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From today aroundNorth will be at The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, in Canterbury, Kent.  The Beaney is a key partner for aroundNorth, having supported the project from its very beginning, and so it is fitting that the installation should have its first gallery appearance here.  aroundNorth will be at The Beaney until the end of August and is accompanied by two other exhibitions inspired by the work and its subject material.  This installation is also significant as for the first time the sounds are being triggered from the newly created aroundNorth audio player.  Created in collaboration with programmer David Moss, the audio player references the installation’s longitude, the date and current time and then plays the composition in synchronisation with the rotation of planet Earth from the correct part of the aroundNorth score so that what is heard is exactly what is happening overhead.  Up to now, the performances have been programmed onto SD cards and played back using QTX technology, and so this is quite a step forward.  This installation is therefore also a good rehearsal for when the installation is permanently installed at Armagh Observatory next year, when the audio player will trigger the sounds there.

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