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observatory launch March 23, 2014

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Yesterday we had the aroundNorth launch at Armagh Observatory.  In contrast to last month’s performances at Stowe, where the installation was scheduled for night time and in full view of the stars, the Armagh presentation was scheduled for during the day.  What was interesting was that this difference in timing didn’t seem to effect the success of the piece.  Sure, in darkness and under a clear starry sky there was almost a magical connection between what was seen and what was heard; however, the installation seemed to be just as engaging in broad daylight as it connected with people’s imaginations and memories of star-filled skies.  (Maybe similar to the difference between a radio play and the television adaption – better pictures on the radio…).

I began the morning with an Radio Interview with BBC Radio Foyle, and then headed for the Observatory to set up for the day’s events.  We had four sessions during the day, each one beginning with an introduction to the work from both the Observatory’s perspective and my own, and then it was time to experience the installation (with optional guided listenings) as well as a chance explore the Observatory grounds.  A full and good day in all.  Again, everyone was very  positive about the work, with lots of comments on how it made people think differently about their relationship to the heavens above them.

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