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armagh March 1, 2014

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On 22 March aroundNorth will visit Armagh Observatory (just for one day): to introduce people to the work in preparation of its planned permanent installation next year in the grounds of the Observatory’s Astropark.

It was as a result of a visit to this observatory back in September 2009 when I met astrononer Simon Jeffery.  He shared some of his research with me from monitoring variable stars around Celestial North Pole.  Using the polar bear telescope on top of the observatory he had been taking photographs of the area around Polaris at midnight every night.  As it takes a few minutes less than one day for the stars to complete one full revolution,  in each photograph the stars had moved round about one degree.  When I was shown sped up footage of one photograph after another, it appeared that the stars were moving around Polaris – a bit like the insides of a music box, or a carillon.  I commented that if there were sensory lines coming out from the centre, then every time a star crossed a line, it could perhaps make a sound depending on its size, brightness, and distance from Earth, and the idea for aroundNorth was born!

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