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making plans September 30, 2013

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Following on my meeting with David last week, over the weekend Alistair and I made a quick visit to Armagh Observatory to thoroughly plan aroundNorth‘s delivery.  Currently, as we have just about enough funds to make aroundNorth happen, we have to be very exact about how the project will be realised – as if the project wasn’t challenging enough….  So, in order to further boost funds, we are also considering an application to the Arts Council for a performance at a National Trust property in Buckinghamshire.  The idea is that the composition will run outside over a few nights so that it is possible to look up at the stars at the same time as experiencing the work (weather permitting of course).  Thankfully, the execution of such a proposal has been made a lot easier due to recent additional support from QTX who have expressed an interest in helping out and providing us with a supply of their rather excellent battery powered speakers.  These will give us the flexibility to be able to stage the work more-or-less anywhere, and so opens up a whole range of possibilities….

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