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aroundNorth March 1, 2010

Posted by robert jarvis in ..

aroundNorth is a proposed new musical composition inspired by the movement of the stars around the Celestial North Pole for the Armagh Observatory, in Northern Ireland.  Taking the form of a permanent sound installation, the composition will make use of astronomical parameters, such as star size, brightness and distance from Earth, giving voice to the stars and our changing perspective of them as the Earth revolves on its axis.

The composition will introduce its listeners to an orchestra of new and mysterious sounds, as the different stars are given their own voice as musical instruments in their own right.  By translating their spectra into their instrumental equivalents, aroundNorth will be able to call upon a number of new sounding instruments and offer its audience a so far unheard of stellar orchestra.

More than just another new musical composition, aroundNorth will not only be inspired by its subject matter, but will also play in synchronisation with the rotation of the earth and the apparent movement of the stars, thus making a very real connection between its listeners and the wider universe.  As it plays, the work will also provide a first-time experience for many blind and partially sighted people to encounter the beauty and wonder inherent in the stars and their celestial patterns.


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